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Thomas Huber
Managing Director, Distribution Fire Fighting Vehiclesother contact person
07642 6893-24

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Fire fighting vehicles

ZIKUN company is also a specialist in constructing fire-fighting vehicles. The most exceptional vehicle in that section might be the ZIKUN Turbo-Extinguisher.  

Based on a long-term experience in constructing vehicles ZIKUN Company is enabled to find turn-key solutions for all fire brigades. ZIKUN technlogoy that already has proved its value as for example the ZIKUN side lift and the folding board systems Swing Board I and Swing Board II are elements that are also useful for fire brigades.
Customers of ZIKUN company are big chemical plants as well as municipal fire brigades.

In 2004 ZIKUN delivered 17 roll-off containers for mass decontamination to the European bases of the US-Army in Europe.
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