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  • ZIKUN Company - a reliable partner since more than 35 years

Since 1971

ZIKUN Company -
a reliable partner since more than 35 years

The ZIKUN Fahrzeugbau GmbH was founded in 1971. From the very beginning the main emphasis of the company ZIKUN was on the construction of special-purpose-vehicles requiring a high degree of individual problem solutions.
The production program includes trailers, semi-trailers as well as bodies and lift gates for any purpose. The Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings (GVWR) span from 0.4 t to 45 t. The vehicles are used to transport bulk cargo as well as beverages and foods. The production program also includes crane vehicles, dump trucks and box bodies.
Special needs and requirements are identified in close cooperation with the client. ZIKUN offers custom solutions to meet exactly the customer’s needs exactly. Special concepts and individual solutions are developed according to the customer’s requirements, and are designed to last. In intensive project meetings with every customer detailed solution packages are identified to provide a tailored product at a reasonable price. This ensures a high degree of long term satisfaction by the customer.
The core competence of ZIKUN is the special knowledge, developed and improved over years, in every domain of vehicle construction and outfitting. There are existing special solutions for a wide variety of tasks.  The company ZIKUN offers solutions which exactly are tailored to the customer and complete available resources optimally.
The 4 columns of competence of ZIKUN
The ZIKUN product range is divided into 4 columns:
  1. Transport vehicles for beverages, especially with the “ZIKUN Side Lift” and the electro-hydraulic folding side panel system “Swing-Board II” for the German and export market.
  2. Custom-built and special vehicles. These vehicles complete and expand the integral hoisting devices, e.g. vehicles for the transport of motor coach bodies, buoys for seafaring, tunnel-rescue-vehicles for the German National Railways and similar applications.
  3. Fire-Fighting vehicles, basically for the chemical industry, industrial fire brigades and professional fire brigades. Highlights on this sector are the Heavy Hazmat-Rescue Truck, the low height pumper and the ZIKUN Turbo – Extinguisher.

    With the ZIKUN modular Civil Defense Concept, ZIKUN Fahrzeugbau GmbH has developed a modular, comprehensive and ready-to-operate overall concept. The concept is designed to help fire fighters and civil defense teams to operate quick and effectively.
  4. Service Maintenance and Repairing Shop. This is part of a total after sales customer care to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction. The Construction and Technique Departments work with high-power CAD-equipment.

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